Nov 13, 2011

Instant chic... Add a scarf!

If you are only going to buy just one piece this fall, you must buy a scarf!  A scarf can dramatically transform an outfit.  

Pair it with items you already have in your closet - jeans and a solid t-shirt (long sleeve or short).

Take off the scarf while at home cooking or playing with your kids, but add the scarf when leaving the house, and you have instant chic!

Here are some scarves I have found under $125, and love!

1. Anthropologie, Glass Garden Scarf - $58.00
2. Echo, Sheer Floral Scarf (in Magenta) - $48.00
3. Lilly Pulitzer, Murfee Bling My Chimes Scarf - $118.00
4. Spun by Subtle Luxury, Vintage Peacock Scarf - $42.00
5. Banana Republic, Lightweight Floral Scarf (in Navy) - $39.50
6. Coach, Signature C Ocelot Infinity Scarf - $98.00

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