Nov 17, 2011

No more fat clothes!

During my pregnancy with the twins I became very frustrated buying clothes.  I hated spending a lot of money on maternity clothing I was only going to wear for a few months.  So many mothers told me that they continued to wear their maternity clothes after their kids were born due to not having any clothes that fit them.  Even after the twins' arrival I cringed going out shopping to buy "fat" clothes.  Awful! ... It's inevitable to have to buy maternity and transition clothes, but keep those to a minimum, and invest in pieces that you can wear during your pregnancy and after.  

There are so many great open cardigans and vests that are key pieces for those who's bodies are changing or have changed.  Let's all face it, while pregnant our stomachs just stretched out over 12 inches, and after having our little lovies, we were left with some extra love ... love handles!  So, while I continue to work on my muffin top, I would like to disguise it best I can.  

Here are some great sweaters that are affordable, all under $75, and that come in other colors.  Personally, I like black where it is slimming and sharp looking.  Also, all four of these cardigans have pockets - great for holding binkies, tissues, animal crackers... or, if you aren't a mom, your phone!   

1. Bobeau open cardigan,  
$18.90 (orig. $39)
Note: Dry clean only, Nordstrom offers FREE shipping!

2. Joseph A black linen & cotton open cardigan,  
$26.98 (orig. $58)
Note: Buy on SmartBargains's ebay store where it's FREE shipping!

3. Banana Republic shawl-collar open cardigan,
Note: For an extra 30% off use code BRPARTY from 11/17-11/20

4. Splendid open cardigan,
Note: Splendid open cardigans can also be found at Lyn Evans Boutiques in MA & CT. 
Visit a Lyn Evans Potpourri Designs location for other tips on finding flattering clothes.
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