Dec 15, 2011

3 Tips for 3-Minute Make-Up

Don't have time to put on make-up?  You're too busy, you say.  Well, every mother is always busy, so key is fitting in 3 minutes to put on some make-up.  If you have 5 minutes to get ready, I would rather you spend the majority of time on your make-up. A messy bun or ponytail are both chic, and only take 30 seconds. You can also always pull your hair back in the car, or as you sitting on the floor playing with your baby... however, the bags under your eyes aren't going to take care of themselves.  

You don't want your "no make-up" day to be the time you run into an old friend from high school, and them repeat to their friends "I ran into Heather today, and, God, has she aged!" So, my rule is to never leave home without at least concealer and blush on. 

Here are my three key tips to keeping your make-up routine under 3 minutes.

1.  You must have a good make-up bag.  If you have a make-up bag that is a solid pouch-like bag, throw it out.  You don't want to waste any time trying to find a piece of make-up - You should be able to find your make-up with ease.  Buy either a clear make-up bag, or a bag that zippers and folds open.  Both of these options are great, but don't spend a lot of money on a make-up bag - put it towards quality make-up.

Clear Make-Up Bag by Sephora, $14,
Zipper Make-Up Bag by Pottery Barn Teen, $28.00,

2.  The biggest time saver in my make-up routine is using make-up sticks.   My concealer/foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and blush are all sticks.  The Benefit foundation stick I use doubles as concealer, and it doesn't make my sensitive skin break-out.  (Bobbi Brown also puts out a great foundation stick.)  Right after I blend my foundation, I then use my Nars Bronzing Stick.  If I in a really big rush, I dab bronzer on my eyelids as an eye shadow.  My 3rd stick I'll use is a blush, which I will also use on my lips for a little bit of color.  

More than half the time I have my twins at my feet wanting to put on make-up too, so I let them "help" put on my make-up with the sticks.  You can't mess up with the foundation stick, so I'll have them draw a line on my nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead.  And, when they are done "painting mommy" I give them my old make-up bag with old brushes so they can put on their own make-up.  Just keep those baby wipes close by for their hands, and yours!

Benefit Play Stick, $34.00,
NARS The Multiple, $39.00,

3. Choose make-up with a little bit of shimmer.  Let's face it, being a mother we are going to be tired for the rest of our lives.  Some mothers have told me that sleep is never the same after you have kids.  (Sigh.)  So, we need all the help we can.  A little bit of shimmer livens up the face, but don't overdue it.  The NARS Multiple bronzer stick in Laguna has the perfect amount of shimmer, and I also use the NARS blush in orgasm (comes in stick or powder form). Philosophy makes a great natural eye shadow with a hint of shimmer, and I pair it with a CARGO brown shimmer eyeliner pencil.

NARS Orgasm Blush, $27; Philosophy shadow, $22; CARGO pencil $16

Even though my two buddies may be the only ones to witness the made-up face, putting on make-up means I am doing something for myself, and hey, it makes me feel better about ME!  


  1. I went to the store to buy this Benefit foundation stick (coincidently enough, I was all out of my current foundation!), and I must say that I'm in love!! I've been an avid Bare Minerals user the past 3 years, and finally broke away from it and i'm glad I did! It's so light but still has such amazing coverage. Great find!! :)

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