Jan 16, 2012

Your Go-To Shoe

Cute outfit, huh?  Looks like she put herself together well - make-up, hair is blown out, she's wearing a slouchy sweater, skinny jeans, adorable messenger bag, designer sunglasses, and a coral scarf that will transition well into Spring.

Well, keep scrolling...............She blew it!  She ruined her entire ensemble by throwing on her SNEAKERS!

Every day, I'll see moms that look like they put some effort in getting themselves ready, and I think "good for you," but what you don't see immediately, behind what the stroller is blocking are RUNNING SHOES!  I want to stop these women to tell them that all their effort in getting ready was just thrown away.  Pairing any outfit with sneakers just screams "mom," and it can quickly turn a casual chic outfit into a frumpy look.

There are so many other cute and comfortable options that you can quickly slip on, and that you can still wear to the playground.  I've mentioned before that I am a Sperry Top Sider fan - they are affordable, around $80, but a cheaper and just as cute option are TOMS shoes.  

TOMS Classic Slip-On shoes are very popular among celebrities, as seen below.  They are available in several colors, and with the price tag of only $44, you can pick up a matching pair for your little one.  (Also, for every pair of TOMS shoes, TOMS donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need.)

 TOMS, Classic Canvas Slip-On, NeimanMarcus.com - $44.00

TOMS Classic Tiny Canvas Slip-On, Nordstrom.com
Baby, Walker, & Toddler - $28.95

With these affordable, fashionable options no more excuses wearing your sneakers as your go-to shoe.  The next time I say to myself "good for you," those running shoes better be paired with yoga pants, sports bra, and tee with a water bottle in hand!  

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  1. I agree with you 100%, really great post! xx

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