Feb 24, 2012

Mixing Prints

When I hear "runway trend," I immediately think UNWEARABLE clothing from another world! Isn't that true? An image of a size zero model comes to mind, wearing a silk gown (bra-less) and 5 inch heels, hair slicked backed in a high bun, neon yellow eye shadow and bright red lipstick... oh, and a drawn in uni-brow. We've all seen those "out-there" pictures of these types of runway shows in our magazines, and I'm sure you have also doubted that actual human beings wear those ensembles in public.

Well, my tune has changed this season. For Spring 2012, there have been many fashion trends from the runway that have been practical, such as animal prints, color block (see previous posts), and also mixing prints.  I personally love the combination of mixing stripes with florals.  

Here I've come up with a few different combinations to show you that mixing prints can be worn as an everyday outfit. The mix can be simple by staying in the color family, and still work. 

Zara Striped Organic T-Shirt, $16.90
Banana Republic Floral-print Full Mini Skirt, $89.50 
(through 2/26, use code AWARD35 for 35% off)
Lilly Pulitzer Coral Siesta Cuff, $68

Banana Republic Soft-Wash Gingham Shirt in royal purple, $64.50
Zara Printed Shorts, $59.90
Kate Spade Gumdrop Stud in yellow, $38.00

Ann Taylor Back Zip Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top in fresh petal, $38
Aqua Striped Enamel Hinge Bangle, Bloomingdales, $25
GAP Floral Scarf, $29.50 (available in store only - sold out online)

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