Feb 3, 2012

Mom Jeans

If you're a mom like me, you live in your jeans.  Also, being a mom, I find myself on the floor ALL..... DAY....LONG!  Playing dolls, changing diapers, playing doggie, acting as horsey with 2 year old passengers on my back, folding laundry, cleaning up blocks - You name it!  Well, my jeans take a toll with my floor time adventures, and my knees are the first to show for it.  Even with all the wash care I take - washing them in cold water inside-out and air drying - I can't seem to avoid my jeans fading.  

I found myself shopping for a new pair of jeans this week because each of my nine pairs in my closet were considerably faded.  As any mother knows, jeans shopping is not fun! Shopping for jeans is time consuming (time I don't have), and I'm also quickly remind that I need to be hitting the treadmill more.  

So, I decided I would try dying my jeans... and, I wish I had thought of this four pairs ago.  I bought some RIT clothing dye at the local craft store, and take a look at the transformation.  

Here are the colors I used:  1 full packet of RIT Dye in navy, and 1/3 packet of RIT Dye in black.  For dying instructions, visit www.RitDye.com.  

Your new pair of jeans will cost you a total of... dun da da... TWO DOLLARS!!!!!!    Now, NO excuses for those faded mom jeans!  


  1. This is genius!!! I LOVE it. Great post Heather!

    Sarah (your sister)

  2. That is great! I've been reading about this and wasn't sure which color to try. Did you try any other combos? Or just get lucky the first time? Thanks again.

    1. I used 1 full packet of navy, and 1/3 packet of black. I used the remaining black packet, and revived my black jeans in a separate bucket. I have another couple of pairs that I am going to dye in the next few days, and I'm going to add more black to the navy/black mixture for a darker color.... If you have an old pair of white jeans, try dying them a color, and go for the color block style! :) Post a pic on Chic Mom's facebook page so we can see the outcome!

  3. Great tip!!! I love it :)

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