Feb 21, 2012

The Perfect Cardigan

With so many of my friends currently expecting, and also becoming new moms, the most common complaint I hear is what to wear in this transition.  It's very difficult finding pieces that can work during and post pregnancy, without paying a fortune and shopping at a maternity store. A friend of mine recently wrote to me saying that she was contemplating giving up breastfeeding because tops were a huge issue.  

Well, I came across this top the other day at Nordstrom, and I instantly thought that this top would work so perfectly for new moms. Here, this cardigan can be worn open while pregnant, closed up for coverage while nursing, and perfect for hiding some extra pounds post-baby! Pair it with an appropriate maternity tee or nursing tank, and this stylish year-round Bobeau asymmetrical wrap cardigan becomes a must to any new mom's wardrobe!  See the colors below, and make sure to get this cardigan in at least two colors!!!!

Bobeau Asymmetrical Wrap Cardigan, Nordstrom, $39.90 (was $58)
Available in all sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL 

Available online, and free shipping!

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