Mar 27, 2012

Dirty Hair

There are days that we only get a five-minute shower... who am I kidding, a three-minute shower! So, for those days, no need to wash and dry your hair.  Instead, have dry shampoo on hand for those oily roots.  

Before you run out to the drugstore, and grab the cheapest bottle of dry shampoo, read on. I've tried so many different brands and kinds of dry shampoo, but I continue to go back to my favorite - Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo (in powder form).  Personally, I prefer the powder form, as it is easier to control.  I also find that the spray form runs out TEN times as fast as the powder form.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo, $19 for 2.5 oz bottle (for 15% off March 30-April use coupon code CHICBI)

Here are a few guidelines when using dry shampoo:
1. Your hair must be dry when you using dry shampoo, hence the “dry.”  
2. Start off by parting your hair in sections.... your entire head does not need to be powdered. I normally only powder the side I part my hair.
3. Poor a small amount of powder in your palm, and apply by dusting the powder into your roots along your part using an old bronzer or blush brush.  Use sparingly – you can always add more, and a little goes a long way! 
4. If you use to much, break out the hair dryer and blow out your over powdered roots. Also try moving your part by an inch or two.  
5. Always set your finished hairstyle with your favorite aerosol hair spray. The alcohol in the hairspray helps absorb oil. Try Sebastian's Professional Shaper Hair Spray for a lightweight, brushable hair spray.  
6. Uh-oh, you ran out?... Grab the baby powder off the changing table, and use much more sparingly.  Or, use face powder - it blends in with your scalp better than the baby powder!

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