Mar 6, 2012

Working Mom

After a day at work, the first thing I want to do is kiss my girls as I walk through the door. After getting kisses, the second thing on my mind is to get out of my "work" clothes FAST. Don't we all race to the bedroom, and change into comfies before those cheeto-stained little fingers can dirty up that dry-clean only blouse?    

I recently stumbled upon this new line of clothing geared for mothers.  The line is called SHADE Clothing, a line designed by a mother who desired clothing to fit her lifestyle as a stylish and active mom. In this line most items are machine washable! AH! While many pieces are too conservative or plain for my taste, there are many pieces that are worth mentioning. First is this machine washable black blazer!... Say what? Yes, it is machine washable!  It's on sale for only $39.99 (was $79.50), and no code needed for free shipping!

SHADE Clothing, available online for $39.99 (free shipping)


  1. I admire working moms because it's not easy to divide your time with work and family. My wife participated in working moms support group in nycand she really learned a lot of tips on how to manage her time.