Dec 27, 2012

Mommy's Booties

Yes, it's been a while since I've last blogged, but I have a good excuse... I'm pregnant.  This excuse works for me in quite a lot of scenarios, and I'm using it in this instance, as well.  My twins stopped napping, which leaves the evening for me to do my Internet surfing.  Well, by the time my girls get to bed at night, I collapse on the couch, utterly exhausted.  I can barely make out an intelligent sentence to my husband (thank you pregnancy brain), nevermind write an interesting blog entry!  

Well, I have bought something recently that was worth sharing with you.  Back in the summer I was in search of the perfect bootie, and found a Steve Madden suade bootie, but because it has a heel I found that I was barely wearing my adorable booties.  So, I continued my search for the perfect bootie - a low ankle boot with a low or no heel, and preferably in black.  Mama found them!!!  

Nine West puts out a bootie ironically called the "Perfectpair."  It's was listed on originally for $109, and is on sale right now for $74.99 (free shipping).  And, if you sign up on Piperlime's email list, they instantly email you a 15% off coupon.  The bootie runs true to size, and does not need to be broken in.  Don't order up a size to account for wearing with thick socks - in the spring and summer you will want to wear them with a cute sundress!  

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