May 17, 2013

Watch your colors

These days I answer emails, shop online, and now write while either feeding a baby or holding a sleeping baby in my arms.  So, needless to say, my time is very limited... Getting ready in the morning with twin almost-four year olds and now a newborn has been a struggle.  I find my staple go-to outfit is jeans, white tee, flats... and I find that my simple outfit needs a splash of color.  

Geneva makes these large face silicone watches are a great inexpensive way to instantly add color to a functional and practical outfit.  These watches are affordable, and can take a great deal of abuse - perfect for a mom's lifestyle.  

This sky blue Geneva watch here is from and is only $21, and it also comes in coral and purple.  Sign up for the email newsletter, and receive an instant $5 off coupon sent to your email address provided.  

You can find these watches ranging anywhere from $10-$35, from Amazon, Ebay, local and online boutiques.  But, be careful ordering them off of ebay - make sure your seller has excellent feedback, is USA based, and has a return policy.  I recently purchased a few for thank you gifts off of ebay because the price was very attractive, but two out of three arrived damaged! 

With the low price of these watches, you can justify ordering more than one for yourself!!!  


  1. Wow you are amazing! How do you balance everything?

  2. Wonderful! You're the one of those women who inspire me every day. Thank you for being so strong. I always write about gender things and I like the way you place these positions. Cool.