Jan 15, 2017

Au revoir...Fashion Faux Pas!

Sneakers are no longer a fashion faux pas! Thank you, universe.  A simple white tee, jeans, and fashion slip on sneakers are my go-to.  This does not give you permission to not comb your hair and put on make-up... pretty sure that would mess it all up. 

I found these Reebok leopard print slip on sneakers at TJMaxx.com for only $29.99. First, leopard print makes everything better. Second, they have a memory-tech insole. Third, they are machine washable. I'm sold. If you order today, TJMaxx is shipping for free on every order!

See how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (my fashion icon) pairs her sneakers with a dress, or with her perfected travel attire. 

1 comment:

  1. The shoes came in the colors of a tropical drink, lime and orange and pink, as if the logo ought to be an umbrella these details