About Me

After having my daughters, I realized that more than half of my clothes in my closet were unwearable. A closet full of designer suits, high heels, dry-clean only blouses, and slacks were no longer appropriate for my new stay-at-home-mom life.

Building a new practical wardrobe is expensive! And, with my love for all things designer, I was always on the lookout for a deal. Here, I will share those fashion deals, and practical fashion advice on newest trends (on a budget, of course)!

Heather works M-F as a full-time mom to her three daughters, and works part-time as a fashion stylist for Lyn Evans in Westborough, Massachusetts. Please visit www.LynEvans.com.

Picture by Feather Weight Photography, www.feather-weight.com, featuring UNO de 50 jewelry on www.lynevans.com